10 tricks to wearing perfect eyelashes

Display is the first thing we see in someone, it will depend on your first impression, so why not make it spectacular? If this winter the protagonists of the display have XXL eyebrows, now the eyelashes take over. They are curved, bushy and, above all, extra long.

How to do it? Starting from a good eyelash mask to the curler to bend it to the maximum, pass the false eyelashes to get a more special look. Anything will have an unlimited display.

Eyelash care is very important to have a clean, sexy and direct appearance. They are your best allies so your eyes shine with splendor. Luckily, we have eyelash masks that, to this day, achieve almost magical effects, added to curlers, false colors and eyelashes to get beautiful eyelashes.

Perfect eyelash tricks:

1. Avoid wrapping your lashes if you have used a mask, because this is easily damaged.

2. If you use an eyelash curler, be careful not to tighten the eyelids when Rhizarlas, because you can weaken them.

3. Wrinkle the lashes in three parts very gently and be careful not to break them; In this way the effect will look more natural.

4. Use natural oils one or two nights a week to keep your lashes hydrated. A good alternative is white petrolatum, which will give you false eyelash effects.

5. The other last choice is curling with heat, which acts similar to a hairpin. The experience given by this curler is not yet 100% satisfying, but you can try it.

6. Before the mask, you should use a base for eyelashes with a double effect that separates it, volume, determines the curl and does not leave a lump when applying color.

7. If you are also doing makeup every day and you need enough time, there are permanent dyes and eyelashes that last between two and three months and work well. Check prices and techniques in your trusted beauty center and you will be fascinated by the results.

8. Never forget healthy food. Eat more carrots, oranges and honey to support healthy and strong eyelash growth.

9. As a cosmetic ally, look for eyelash extension products that you will apply before the mask. And, of course, you can always rely on fast insertion.

10. Of course there are various types of masks on the market that increase volume, tupiditas, and extend your eyelashes with optical effects.

Here are some tips, how to apply eyelashes.

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