3 alternative all-weather wicker patio furniture for exterior home design

Today people decorate two parts of their houses with furniture. First, there is the interior and second, exterior design is on terraces. The best outdoor furniture is all weatherproof wicker furniture, as it is suitable for any weather that the environment offers. They are tough enough to stand under extreme sunlight or rain, as they are both waterproof and lightfast.

If you hear the term all-weather wicker furniture, you will think of table sets or sectional sofa. However, there are other furniture that you can have for your patio next to these conventional furniture to increase comfort and home value.


An investment that you can install in your home is a pool. If you want to feel more comfortable on the poolside terrace during your stay, you can use these wicker lounge lounges for extra comfort. The good thing about these lounges is that they have pillows that are wrapped in waterproof covers so they can withstand any weather. This type of furniture is also ideal for homes that may not have pools.

Hollywood swing

There are many people who want to rest on their patio on swings or hammocks. One of the all-weather wicker furniture that they can get is a porch swing. These swings look like large sofas, but only on the bars or canopies or ceiling beams you choose. This is a good place for you to sit and maybe enjoy a book or even sleep whenever you want.


There are many people who want to relax their feet while relaxing on their patio. Just like the other pieces that are offered in all weather-wicker patio furniture sets, these furniture also have water-resistant cushions, so it has the same durability they offer. When you get this piece, you have a choice whether you will get it as a single piece or as chair sets. There are many colors that match your design or style so you have the ones that suit your needs.

If you plan to design your home or patio exterior, you must have all weather wicker furniture, durable pieces of decoration for your home. Now you can enjoy the luxury of making your home beautiful and maximizing relaxation when you are tired of staying in it. [WD]