8 things you have to do with your makeup to avoid acne

Your face is pimpled? Calm down, in this discussion we will give some tips on using makeup when you have acne.

Acne that appears on your skin not only can be used for natural foods or fats that your body produces, also for the mistakes you make when it comes to makeup.

Here we leave you 8 things you should not do with your makeup if you let pimples.

1. Go to an expert for foundation that is right for your skin

If you use foundation that is not right for your skin type, it is healthy to go to an expert for basic advice on what is used according to your skin type (oily, dry or mixed).

2. Consider if your translucent powder is clogging your pores

If your foundation is correct, your dust may clog your pores. Very likely the last layer is very heavy. Remember that the right thing to do is to make your skin look dull, but still look healthy and smooth. Here you will also need experts to recommend products that are ideal for you.

3. You store the makeup brush properly

Take care of your makeup brush and take care of it properly, so that the feathers do not damage your other accessories, they must have their own shells. Allow them to rest in the open air, they can accumulate bacteria and damage your skin.

4. Wash your hands clean when applying makeup

Before applying makeup, you must wash your hands properly using antibacterial soap. In this way, you will prevent bacteria from your hands from damaging your skin.

5. Do not use sponges of low quality

Cheap ones are expensive. Buy a sponge that contains vitamin E, this will prevent microorganisms from living there.

6. You must wash your brush

You must wash your brush at least once a week. This recommendation is important if you don’t want imperfections to appear on your skin. Vegan brushes only have what you need, you can try these accessories.

7. You must ALWAYS moisturize your skin

Every day, your skin must be hydrated before using other products, even sunscreen. Otherwise, your skin will produce more fat than usual.

8. You should not sleep with makeup

You have to sleep without makeup. Even if it’s just a little basic, this will make your pores become saturated. You must use a good make-up cleanser to refresh your face.

I hope you have presented this recommendation. Now to train it.