Cheap Rental Cars In Germany

Germany had a dark past. It is commonly associated with Hitler’s Nazi dictatorship, the Holocaust and the Berlin Wall. These historical challenges have had been received by its people to build a better Germany instead. Its national image had been redirected to the goodness its people internationally excelled in several fields – the World Cup Series; Formula One racing in the name of Michael Schumacher; automotive manufacturing by world leaders BMW, Mercedes and Porsche; professional models Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer; Olympic Games being the third rank in all-time medal count; and social and legal acceptance of homosexuals. Germany was even 2008 Nation Brands Index’s number one country to have achieved a positive reputation among 50 other nations. Through all these achievements, Germany’s tourism has been acclaiming another top tourist destination.

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Germany takes pride in its key city Munich’s festival called Oktoberfest. This sixteen-to-eighteen-day festival has been celebrated annually during late September since the year 1810. This year would have been its 199th time to be commemorated, but due to unexpected historical governance rifts, this year would only be its 176th. Nevertheless, Oktoberfest has been an event that tourists flock to. The tapping of the first beer barrel with the traditional cry, “O’zapft is” is attended by over six million locals and foreigners. Munich borough Theresienwiese is jammed with beer tents, concert halls, wurst and pretzel stands, and other authentic German hearty cuisine stalls.

Taking a vacation in Germany would definitely be a better experience with car rentals Germany. This country was the world’s first to formulate a superhighways or autobahns system. Other countries have followed its steps in organizing highly developed networks of highways and secondary roads. Such road conditions would certainly make your driving across Germany in a hassle-free and minimally congested traffic flow.

Unlike most European countries, you only need to be at least 18 years old to drive their rental cars and have held your license for 1-3 years. If you are 18-22 years old, purchasing a Collision Damage Waiver is a must, and everyone under 25 should pay for Young Driver Surcharge.

Although most of its autobahns have no speed limit, you must still be careful when driving car rentals Germany. Speeds on far left lanes of autobahns reach up to 100mph.

On the other hand, renting car rentals Germany may seem a not so good idea at first due to the scarcity of traffic and road signs translated into English. However, Germany has been a home for over one hundred eighty million immigrants, putting it third among countries that host foreign residents. Hence, it would be easier for you to navigate Germany’s autobahns or with some help along the way. Most car rentals in Germany also offer professional drivers who speak both German and English.

There are also simple advantages when you opt for car rentals Germany in traveling within the country. They do not have toll highways, and the parking is very easy. Metered parking spaces are usually free at night, and you can park either side of one-way streets.

Car rentals Germany is probably the most convenient and economical way to spend your vacation. Its autobahn systems enable you to enjoy Germany’s sites as if you are driving in your home country. You might even have the beste Fahrgefühl (best driving experience).