Deco inspiration for a unique bohomian wedding

If your property is a bohemian style and you want your wedding to be a very special bohomian wedding, don’t stop inspiring yourself with these decorative ideas. They collect the latest trends and represent the essence of this hippie, carefree and natural style in Lucía SeCasa we are absolute fans.

Bohemian or Boho-chic weddings are characterized by being fresh and informal, without rigidity or protocol. In it naturalness and romance apply, which is reflected in the simple decoration where natural elements, which are able to create a pleasant atmosphere, are the key. We give you some

inspiring details to practice in you.

1. Dream catcher for “yes, I want”
Dream catchers are sacred objects for some North American tribes, who use them as symbols of luck and positive energy collectors. Depending on the head of the bed, they act as hunters of nightmares, letting only positive thoughts pass.

All this symbolism has been extrapolated to the wedding boho, which increasingly uses it as a decorative element. Hanging dream catcher on your wedding day is interpreted as a ritual to attract a positive future together and a life full of positive dreams, in addition to avoiding difficulties.

2. Antique mirror for seating plan
Don’t remind you of the old train station hours, or the XXL size pocket watch? This vintage aesthetic mirror is perfect for designing boho seating plans that are very original.

3. Details in the bottle
A rural waiter, made on a piece of wood and accompanied by a little detail for each desk member. Glass jars on a sand bed labeled wedding details, couple names and dates. In the? The pendant is in the shape of an original pen, according to the style of celebration.

4. Tulle canopy
Canopies, pillows and rugs give shape to this particular corner, perfect for romantic photos of brides and guests. This will also please the youngest of the marriage, if you add toys. The perfect space for you to love.

5. Macramé shooting session
Some macramé curtains installed on bamboo structures give rise to this original photo session. If you like spectacular crafts and effects that you can get with this rug based on rope and knot, we invite you to learn the techniques and make your own creations.

The possibility of this technique in decoration is unlimited. From back to a chair to a table of runners or planters, it is the perfect tool to get a very special Boho wedding.