Inspiration for Your Wedding on the Beach

A few days ago we talked about summer weddings, sun and good weather offering many possibilities to make it an unforgettable event. Today we want to talk about marriages on the beach, an increasingly modern trend.

One of the first things to keep in mind is that the place chosen must meet certain requirements: it allows the realization of this type of ceremony, offers the closest place to stay, has the most useful service for the event or a site that is accessible to your guests in terms of transfer and budget. If you choose a beach to celebrate your wedding, there are certain aspects that change significantly with respect to other places for the ceremony:

1. Decoration
You have several choices, ranging from semitransparent fabrics that move with the wind, through natural details such as rods dragged by the sea, to the surfboard for a pleasant touch.

Keep in mind that it must be furniture that supports wind and heat. Even though to avoid bad things, it is best to have a tent or tent to accommodate the reception room and that your guests feel comfortable. Consider that it must be furniture that supports wind and heat. Although to avoid any barking, it is best to have a tent or tent to accommodate the reception room and your guests feel comfortable.

2. Interest
Choose which can withstand high temperatures without losing beauty. Regional flowers or memories of plant and sea life will bring harmony but you can also provide exotic touches with Hawaiian-style centers (hibiscus, heliconias, bird of paradise and orchids).

3. Color
White is the basic color but you can also be brave with intense colors like yellow or orange, or a combination of coral or salmon color with turquoise and gold, without forgetting tropical colors. If you are leaning towards something more risky, believe in pink or purple in all versions.

4. Lighting
Light takes a special role in this type of ceremony, where torches, lights, and candles of all types and sizes can be used, and in different locations. To avoid mistakes, trust professionals like Oleanto.

5. Menu
Beginners must arouse appetite and at the same time provide a fresh spot to the ceiling (salads, cold soup or gazpachos), as for main dishes roast or fish has become very fashionable. So that all guests are fresh and hydrated, natural fruit juice with pineapple, passion fruit or mango; Fresh fruit smoothies, frappé or smoothies drinks, or drinks with a touch of mango, coconut or citrus extract.

6. Guests
Think of practical gifts like fans or sunglasses. And to mark their site, you can use a starfish or shellfish that holds paper with your name.

On other occasions we will talk about the special care that brides need for their wedding on the beach, as well as the latest trends in wardrobes and other accessories.

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