Island Batik Fabric

Batik is one of the cloth that is widely used as a basic material of various kinds of clothing both formal clothing and everyday clothes island batik fabric. Batik cloth also has many types of both types of cloth and type of motive. Batik cloth is usually very liked to make formal clothes that can be used for the event which is special. Various motives also make it very beautiful to use as clothes to work. There are many models of batik clothes women are now sold in the market.

Clothes model with batik cloth is also not less beautiful and interesting to use. This makes a lot of designers who are also interested in making clothes with batik base materials as clothing worn for work or for other formal events up to batik used for the party. There are two models women batik clothes that many we find in various shop. Two model is a model that is sought after as one of the clothes used as one of the official clothing and work clothes. The model is a model of blouse and dress. For you are curious about the model , here is the difference.

Island Batik Fabric Blouse

Blouse batik women blouse is a batik shirt made as a superior. Model batik blouse is much sought after batik shirt with this model is very easily combined with a skirt or cloth pants commonly used by office workers. This type of blouse can also be easily created according to the trends and desires. You can choose batik blouse with cotton fabric type to be more comfortable to use. Cotton fabric is a cool cloth when used so it will be comfortable if used all day. For more formal events you can choose a cotton cloth with batik. The price of course will be more expensive but, the quality will be better and more elegant impressed.

island batik fabric

Island Batik Fabric Dress

Women’s batik clothing with a dress model also includes clothes that are often used as clothes to work. Especially a knee-length mini dress or above the knee. This model is also fitted to be used to attend parties and other official events. What you need to play is a unified frontier of batik cloth suits and beautiful models. There are many models of mini dress that can be applied in batik cloth and make your appearance to stand out.

Batik for Casual Activities Island Batik Fabric

For casual type activities means you have to choose a comfortable dress when used so it is not easy to make you feel hot. Women’s batik shirt that you can choose when relaxed is the type of bed. Currently batik shirts with batik patterns increasingly have a variety of variations. Formerly batik may be batik only patterned almost the same style with a color that is almost always brown, and yellow. But along with the development of the style of creativity of dress, blouse now more diverse with different batik style – different, even sometimes there is also a modern batik style with a blend of unusual motifs. The color is also more diverse, ranging from bright colors such as yellow, light blue, green, red, and so on, until the colors – dark colors like gray, navy, and much more.

Batik for Formal Events

Batik is always fit to be fashioned in formal events like attending meetings, as batik work clothes, as well as various other formal events. You can choose the type of blouse batik or batik blazer. Yes, the blazer who was always impressed with a formal motive plain now increasingly have an innovative choice like a batik blazer. This certainly makes your appearance more attractive because the balzer you wear will have ethnic nuances that are certainly different from ordinary blazer.

Batik Shirt for Party

Men’s batik clothes do not want to miss to further provide innovation. You who will attend a party can wear a suit with an official style but still maintain a traditional style with a little batik motif in it. For those of you who will attend a party like a wedding, as well as a formal celebration with your partner can choose batik clothes batik couple. Surely batik clothes of women who have a sarimbit model will have a style and color that is paired with his partner’s batik.

Well, that was two models of women batik clothes are much sought after by many people. The model of batik clothes is the most common model used for various events. Various batik motifs are very diverse is also very suitable to be made as a garment with both models. Things make this model also includes the most widely created and sold in the market. For those who search for this can look up island batik fabric in