Making a New House or House Renovation? Well Here Are The Tips

In this article we offer a small guide to guide you in every step to follow. Inside you will find what you have to take into account before starting this personal adventure, including data, advice and practical information so that your dreams don’t become real nightmares.

1. The first big decision: do I buy or build?

The economic crisis has caused a pause in the development of real estate, in addition to the bankruptcy of many promoters in Spain. Thus, the number of individuals who decide to build their own homes separate from traditional private developers, either alone or in cooperatives or the owner’s community, grows. It is estimated that by eliminating developer margins, we can save around 15-20% of the final price of our homes. For this big advantage added facts are able to design houses to measure, taking into account each of our needs or certain tastes, from location or interior distribution to the smallest detail. Also, we can project it efficiently from an energy point of view, a higher initial cost that will be amortized over the years. Therefore, we must consider all of these factors when making a decision: choosing standard products that have been built or promoting themselves and enjoying housing on demand (although we have to deal with comprehensive job management).

2. Medium solutions: reform or expand our homes today

Families grow, needs change, children become independent. There are many factors that can make us consider a step. However, the renovation of our house can also be a good choice. Depending on our budget, the range of possibilities is quite wide. We might just consider a facelift that gives a new look to our home, in this case

we can play with decoration elements, change the floor and color of the walls or make updates in certain rooms, such as the kitchen or kitchen.

If we want more ambitious reform, we can modify distribution. This presupposes greater work and must use skilled technicians not to take risks when distributing partitions and installations. In addition, we have to submit work permits and small projects at the city hall that explain the changes that must be made.

Finally, if there is available space, we can expand the house. By influencing certain structural elements, we must hire an architect and ensure that the work to be done does not violate any of the local regulations.

3. Purchase land

If simple remodeling doesn’t fulfill our aspirations and we don’t have our own building site, this will be our first step. We must remember that this is one of the most important expenses when building our homes, along with the execution of work. At present, usually means less than 50% of the total cost. This is because the floor is suitable for rare buildings. Regardless of our preference in terms of location and surface, it is best to consolidate urban land, that is, legally appropriate and suitable for immediate use in accordance with the Urban Planning General Plan of the appropriate locality. This implies that he has access through urban roads and with services such as water, electricity, sanitation and telecommunications networks. Before making a purchase, it is advisable to check whether the site is free of cost (the cost of urbanization, foreclosure, debt, etc.). For this, it is enough to ask for a simple note in the Land Registration. There is no harm in ensuring that ownership coincides and that the associated surface corresponds to what appears in the Cadastre.

4. Previous technical studies and architect contracts

Before starting construction, topographic studies of soil are needed (to determine precisely the geometry of the plot, as well as the elements it contains: rocks, slopes, trees …) and geotechnical studies (to design an adequate foundation).

After these steps, you need to hire an architect to design the house and schedule work. With that, you will plan your home according to your needs and budget, always adapting it to city regulations.

5. Project writing

After the characteristics of the house have been determined, in order to apply for a work permit, it is important to submit the project to the city hall. This technical documentation is prepared by the architect consisting of the Basic Project, which includes memory, drawings with the works to be carried out and adequacy regulations, and Project Implementation, development.

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