Overview of Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony Vegas Pro 13 is the latest incarnation of the famed video editing software from Japanese electrical giant, Sony. Those who have only ever used previous incarnations of the software will absolutely love the amount of features packed into this new version.

It is impossible to list absolutely every feature that you can find in Sony Vegas Pro 13. However, this little list will give you an idea of just some of what you will be able to enjoy. If you are after professional editing software, you honestly are not going to find anything better than this on the market. There is a reason why so many top editors use it at the moment.

Editing Power

At its heart, Sony Vegas Pro 13 is an editing piece of software. This means that most of the features are geared towards editing. There are hundreds of them, so, of course we will not be able to go into all of them.

The editing suite has been designed to be as simple to edit as possible. In fact, much of what you do is nothing more than drag and drop when you are looking to edit clips. You can trim and loop however you wish. In addition to this, you will be able to import editing projects from other editing software with ease.

The latest incarnation of the Vegas software even allows you to edit 4K videos, which is likely to become the standard in the near future, with many people opting for cameras which support 4K nowadays.

The entirety of the software hsony vegas pro 13 downloadas been designed to make the best use of your hardware resources. For example, the way in which Sony Vegas has been coded means that it should be able to harness the power of your GPU for far faster rendering and better play back of the video.


Video effects

Once again, there are hundreds and it is nigh on impossible to talk about them all. However, there are some features which you may be using more than others:

  • Shape masking tools: this will enable you to cut certain items out of a video clip and give them a new background. Think of it as similar to using a blue screen, but without the actual blue screen. The tools that you have at your disposal here are immensely powerful.
  • FX masking: you will be able to cut or pixelate certain areas of your clip.
  • Color matching: this ensures that colors between clips are matched, making them a bit more seamless, particularly when lighting is a touch different.
  • Sony Vegas now also has 3D support.

In addition to this

Sony Vegas includes all manner of audio editing tools. In fact, this is one of the most powerful video editors with audio editing tools out there. This includes being able to mix and encode for surround sound systems.

Finally, you can also use the software to create the menus for use on DVD and Blu-ray players. This will allow you to wrap up your project nicely! Do you like what you read? If you are looking for Sony Vegas Pro 13 download links then check out my next post.

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