Making a New House or House Renovation? Well Here Are The Tips

In this article we offer a small guide to guide you in every step to follow. Inside you will find what you have to take into account before starting this personal adventure, including data, advice and practical information so that your dreams don’t become real nightmares.

1. The first big decision: do I buy or build?

The economic crisis has caused a pause in the development of real estate, in addition to the bankruptcy of many promoters in Spain. Thus, the number of individuals who decide to build their own homes separate from traditional private developers, either alone or in cooperatives or the owner’s community, grows. It is estimated that by eliminating developer margins, we can save around 15-20% of the final price of our homes. For this big advantage added facts are able to design houses to measure, taking into account each of our needs or certain tastes, from location or interior distribution to the smallest detail. Also, we can project it efficiently from an energy point of view, a higher initial cost that will be amortized over the years. Therefore, we must consider all of these factors when making a decision: choosing standard products that have been built or promoting themselves and enjoying housing on demand (although we have to deal with comprehensive job management).

2. Medium solutions: reform or expand our homes today

Families grow, needs change, children become independent. There are many factors that can make us consider a step. However, the renovation of our house can also be a good choice. Depending on our budget, the range of possibilities is quite wide. We might just consider a facelift that gives a new look to our home, in this case

we can play with decoration elements, change the floor and color of the walls or make updates in certain rooms, such as the kitchen or kitchen.

If we want more ambitious reform, we can modify distribution. This presupposes greater work and must use skilled technicians not to take risks when distributing partitions and installations. In addition, we have to submit work permits and small projects at the city hall that explain the changes that must be made.

Finally, if there is available space, we can expand the house. By influencing certain structural elements, we must hire an architect and ensure that the work to be done does not violate any of the local regulations.

3. Purchase land

If simple remodeling doesn’t fulfill our aspirations and we don’t have our own building site, this will be our first step. We must remember that this is one of the most important expenses when building our homes, along with the execution of work. At present, usually means less than 50% of the total cost. This is because the floor is suitable for rare buildings. Regardless of our preference in terms of location and surface, it is best to consolidate urban land, that is, legally appropriate and suitable for immediate use in accordance with the Urban Planning General Plan of the appropriate locality. This implies that he has access through urban roads and with services such as water, electricity, sanitation and telecommunications networks. Before making a purchase, it is advisable to check whether the site is free of cost (the cost of urbanization, foreclosure, debt, etc.). For this, it is enough to ask for a simple note in the Land Registration. There is no harm in ensuring that ownership coincides and that the associated surface corresponds to what appears in the Cadastre.

4. Previous technical studies and architect contracts

Before starting construction, topographic studies of soil are needed (to determine precisely the geometry of the plot, as well as the elements it contains: rocks, slopes, trees …) and geotechnical studies (to design an adequate foundation).

After these steps, you need to hire an architect to design the house and schedule work. With that, you will plan your home according to your needs and budget, always adapting it to city regulations.

5. Project writing

After the characteristics of the house have been determined, in order to apply for a work permit, it is important to submit the project to the city hall. This technical documentation is prepared by the architect consisting of the Basic Project, which includes memory, drawings with the works to be carried out and adequacy regulations, and Project Implementation, development.

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Pay attention to the following things before making a house

To build a house step by step, we must be clear about how the house is made, which is to have a complete project, even though it looks ridiculous, most people don’t know how the house should be at the end of construction.

How is the house built step by step?

The answer to this question is quite broad, but it is fun and entertaining to find out and even practice it, after all it is an adventure to build our own home and we assure you that no matter what it takes a lot of effort, it will be in vain. In this post we will review in detail the constructive process of the house step by step because everything is understood in your mind until we put the roof through the foundation and lifting of the wall.

Build my house from scratch

Building a house from scratch is not a simple task, but, once you know all the information needed through building videos and tutorials, the process of building a house step by step becomes easier. It is clear that everything starts with the desires and needs that you have, although it is not always easy to direct them towards functional design and construction.

While we will not focus on the details associated with the design style as one step to building a home, if it is very important that you consider style choices as one of the first sayings you must give. Each style brings something different, for example, in a minimalist you will discover how simplicity and savings give you a sense of modernity and spaciousness that gives you the flexibility to change your home interior design whenever

you consider it necessary.

This is possible because in a minimalist space division is largely due to the use of furniture. Now, if you prefer a stronger touch to ornaments and

accessories, stronger colors and the use of geometric shapes on the facade and ceiling, then perhaps the modern style is more ideal for you.

Style selection will guide you in facade design, quantity and shape of windows and doors, internal dividing walls, and especially interior design.

Other choices can be contemporary where small decorations are also made and efforts are made to strengthen space, but where, unlike minimalism, there is not much savings and classic touches appear a lot.

How a house is made: plan elaboration

As we mentioned, it all starts with your idea of ​​an ideal home and now it’s time to distinguish it from your real possibilities in terms of the size of land available and your budget.

For this, plans play a fundamental role because they allow us to capture everything that is real-scale that will be included in construction, and provide a good way to determine the phases of building a house.

The first thing is to start with the sketch and the initial picture where we will define the boundary, orientation to the north, number of rooms and bathrooms, location of the kitchen, among other decisions regarding the use of available space. Merging steps is also important to have clarity in aspects such as restrictions and separation to routes that are governed by your municipality.

After this is done, we can use tools such as AutoCAD to translate these images accurately and avoid errors during construction, as well as to describe plumbing, electricity, structure and foundation plans including millimeter precision.

From here we get a 2D plan which we can then take to 3D using a program like Sketchup to configure what we call volumetry. In this way we can review different environmental positions from home regarding the position of the sun and know how we can influence or benefit natural lighting and shadows.

Other aspects with 3D images that help us to detail the texture, for example, from the facade and how to enter the house, as well as knowing how to turn on the dining room or bedroom.

As you can have identified step by step to building a house has many details and that is why the plan is a step more than necessary. With our different posts, videos and tutorials, you will be able to deepen this topic at the time, now it’s time to continue our steps for construction.


Inspiration for Your Wedding on the Beach

A few days ago we talked about summer weddings, sun and good weather offering many possibilities to make it an unforgettable event. Today we want to talk about marriages on the beach, an increasingly modern trend.

One of the first things to keep in mind is that the place chosen must meet certain requirements: it allows the realization of this type of ceremony, offers the closest place to stay, has the most useful service for the event or a site that is accessible to your guests in terms of transfer and budget. If you choose a beach to celebrate your wedding, there are certain aspects that change significantly with respect to other places for the ceremony:

1. Decoration
You have several choices, ranging from semitransparent fabrics that move with the wind, through natural details such as rods dragged by the sea, to the surfboard for a pleasant touch.

Keep in mind that it must be furniture that supports wind and heat. Even though to avoid bad things, it is best to have a tent or tent to accommodate the reception room and that your guests feel comfortable. Consider that it must be furniture that supports wind and heat. Although to avoid any barking, it is best to have a tent or tent to accommodate the reception room and your guests feel comfortable.

2. Interest
Choose which can withstand high temperatures without losing beauty. Regional flowers or memories of plant and sea life will bring harmony but you can also provide exotic touches with Hawaiian-style centers (hibiscus, heliconias, bird of paradise and orchids).

3. Color
White is the basic color but you can also be brave with intense colors like yellow or orange, or a combination of coral or salmon color with turquoise and gold, without forgetting tropical colors. If you are leaning towards something more risky, believe in pink or purple in all versions.

4. Lighting
Light takes a special role in this type of ceremony, where torches, lights, and candles of all types and sizes can be used, and in different locations. To avoid mistakes, trust professionals like Oleanto.

5. Menu
Beginners must arouse appetite and at the same time provide a fresh spot to the ceiling (salads, cold soup or gazpachos), as for main dishes roast or fish has become very fashionable. So that all guests are fresh and hydrated, natural fruit juice with pineapple, passion fruit or mango; Fresh fruit smoothies, frappé or smoothies drinks, or drinks with a touch of mango, coconut or citrus extract.

6. Guests
Think of practical gifts like fans or sunglasses. And to mark their site, you can use a starfish or shellfish that holds paper with your name.

On other occasions we will talk about the special care that brides need for their wedding on the beach, as well as the latest trends in wardrobes and other accessories.

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Deco inspiration for a unique bohomian wedding

If your property is a bohemian style and you want your wedding to be a very special bohomian wedding, don’t stop inspiring yourself with these decorative ideas. They collect the latest trends and represent the essence of this hippie, carefree and natural style in Lucía SeCasa we are absolute fans.

Bohemian or Boho-chic weddings are characterized by being fresh and informal, without rigidity or protocol. In it naturalness and romance apply, which is reflected in the simple decoration where natural elements, which are able to create a pleasant atmosphere, are the key. We give you some

inspiring details to practice in you.

1. Dream catcher for “yes, I want”
Dream catchers are sacred objects for some North American tribes, who use them as symbols of luck and positive energy collectors. Depending on the head of the bed, they act as hunters of nightmares, letting only positive thoughts pass.

All this symbolism has been extrapolated to the wedding boho, which increasingly uses it as a decorative element. Hanging dream catcher on your wedding day is interpreted as a ritual to attract a positive future together and a life full of positive dreams, in addition to avoiding difficulties.

2. Antique mirror for seating plan
Don’t remind you of the old train station hours, or the XXL size pocket watch? This vintage aesthetic mirror is perfect for designing boho seating plans that are very original.

3. Details in the bottle
A rural waiter, made on a piece of wood and accompanied by a little detail for each desk member. Glass jars on a sand bed labeled wedding details, couple names and dates. In the? The pendant is in the shape of an original pen, according to the style of celebration.

4. Tulle canopy
Canopies, pillows and rugs give shape to this particular corner, perfect for romantic photos of brides and guests. This will also please the youngest of the marriage, if you add toys. The perfect space for you to love.

5. Macramé shooting session
Some macramé curtains installed on bamboo structures give rise to this original photo session. If you like spectacular crafts and effects that you can get with this rug based on rope and knot, we invite you to learn the techniques and make your own creations.

The possibility of this technique in decoration is unlimited. From back to a chair to a table of runners or planters, it is the perfect tool to get a very special Boho wedding.


5 Steps To Take To Design Unique Wood Backsplashes

So even after riffling through scores of backsplash pictures, you haven’t been able to find a single kitchen backsplash design idea that has made you go ‘wow’! But if you thought finding a stunning and striking pattern for the kitchen backsplash would be easy, you couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

There is a staggering array of materials that can be used with flair and flamboyance to cover that small space that seems so insignificant between the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen. While those working on a budget would settle for something inexpensive like white backsplash tiles sold at dirt-cheap prices; those that believe in making an artistic statement would let the decorative prowess of wall murals do all the talking in their well-heeled, modern kitchens.

But somewhere between the installation of a concrete kitchen backsplash and drenching the space in a few coats of your favorite paint-color, there exists a material that redefines elegance and opulence.

If you do boast of the tremendous wherewithal, then would you ever discount the innate charisma and magnificence of a wood backsplash, and settle for something as commonplace as a bamboo backsplash? Definitely not!

Wood Backsplashes : Exotic And Elevating

It’s hard to match the tremendous aura of wood backsplashes, particularly if you have countertops that have been carved out of the same material. But cynics are quick to point out a host of issues with regard to cleaning, staining and sealing.

Well, here’s all that you always wanted to know about a wood kitchen backsplash, but didn’t know whom to ask:

Maple, oak and cedar are the three most popular hardwoods that are used in the creation of a backsplash. If you want to stain the wood in order to achieve a certain effect, then oak is the ideal choice.

Plywood and softwood are other options one can explore while installing a wooden backsplash.

Cleaning and maintenance are often considered the biggest challenges while using this material. The grain of the wood can house different kinds of germs and bacteria, if the hygiene aspect is neglected. All your concerns will seem completely esoteric if you maintain a squeaky clean exterior with moisture repellent and regular household cleaning products.

If the choice between painting and staining is your greatest quandary, then here’s a valuable tip – staining is a much-better option as you will be able to retain the very natural look of the wood. The staining can be done to either match or even complement the look of the kitchen cabinets.

A damp backsplash can result in the wood beginning to rot. You could ‘stem the rot’ by using a combination of sand paper and polyurethane varnish to seal the surface.

Gloss paints inject that much-desired freshness and verve into an old and worn out wood kitchen backsplash.

Wouldn’t you really want to know what wooded bliss actually means?

Cheap Rental Cars In Germany

Germany had a dark past. It is commonly associated with Hitler’s Nazi dictatorship, the Holocaust and the Berlin Wall. These historical challenges have had been received by its people to build a better Germany instead. Its national image had been redirected to the goodness its people internationally excelled in several fields – the World Cup Series; Formula One racing in the name of Michael Schumacher; automotive manufacturing by world leaders BMW, Mercedes and Porsche; professional models Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer; Olympic Games being the third rank in all-time medal count; and social and legal acceptance of homosexuals. Germany was even 2008 Nation Brands Index’s number one country to have achieved a positive reputation among 50 other nations. Through all these achievements, Germany’s tourism has been acclaiming another top tourist destination.

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Germany takes pride in its key city Munich’s festival called Oktoberfest. This sixteen-to-eighteen-day festival has been celebrated annually during late September since the year 1810. This year would have been its 199th time to be commemorated, but due to unexpected historical governance rifts, this year would only be its 176th. Nevertheless, Oktoberfest has been an event that tourists flock to. The tapping of the first beer barrel with the traditional cry, “O’zapft is” is attended by over six million locals and foreigners. Munich borough Theresienwiese is jammed with beer tents, concert halls, wurst and pretzel stands, and other authentic German hearty cuisine stalls.

Taking a vacation in Germany would definitely be a better experience with car rentals Germany. This country was the world’s first to formulate a superhighways or autobahns system. Other countries have followed its steps in organizing highly developed networks of highways and secondary roads. Such road conditions would certainly make your driving across Germany in a hassle-free and minimally congested traffic flow.

Unlike most European countries, you only need to be at least 18 years old to drive their rental cars and have held your license for 1-3 years. If you are 18-22 years old, purchasing a Collision Damage Waiver is a must, and everyone under 25 should pay for Young Driver Surcharge.

Although most of its autobahns have no speed limit, you must still be careful when driving car rentals Germany. Speeds on far left lanes of autobahns reach up to 100mph.

On the other hand, renting car rentals Germany may seem a not so good idea at first due to the scarcity of traffic and road signs translated into English. However, Germany has been a home for over one hundred eighty million immigrants, putting it third among countries that host foreign residents. Hence, it would be easier for you to navigate Germany’s autobahns or with some help along the way. Most car rentals in Germany also offer professional drivers who speak both German and English.

There are also simple advantages when you opt for car rentals Germany in traveling within the country. They do not have toll highways, and the parking is very easy. Metered parking spaces are usually free at night, and you can park either side of one-way streets.

Car rentals Germany is probably the most convenient and economical way to spend your vacation. Its autobahn systems enable you to enjoy Germany’s sites as if you are driving in your home country. You might even have the beste Fahrgefühl (best driving experience).

Thoughtful Engagement Party Gifts

As a way to have pleasure, everybody else needs to be more cozy and ready to social gathering. If you should be an event lady, your fish celebration may be the perfect justification to in fact move mad. In the event you prefer to merely reach the celebration and also observe, you’re going to be welcome. Your participation party invitations do not will need to meet. Once you have acquired your involvement party intended, it is the right time for you to start considering your dwelling event your marriage ceremony! Possessing numerous participation parties could likewise be described as a great alternative in the event that you live in another area compared to your own parents.

Weddings are every once in awhile special instances. Remember that your participation party should never upstage your marriage which is the primary celebration. Keep at heart, a involvement gift is in factn’t the marriage or wedding gift.

Couples do not create a celebration simply for gift suggestions. In these times almost each one the partners have been knowledgeable and so are concerned concerning the surroundings too. The modern-day they’re way more unique of spouses of their prior generations. Or maybe you realize some blessed .

Some participated spouses do not desire gift suggestions. When it might perhaps not be entirely the very ordinary of wedding gift suggestions, which makes it basic for company to contribute money may be much more precious than what is about the registry. It’s not habitual to present something special by having a involvement celebration. What’s just a suitable gift for one number may be wholly unsuitable for a different.

The gift ideas really should not be attracted on this real involvement celebration. In a few areas of the country, a brand new present is viewed as necessary, whilst at various regions an talent is attracted only on specific situations. Hostess gift suggestions, ” she states, are fine whenever they truly are uncomplicated are exceptionally personalized and lead at just a tiny pleasure dialog. After all, even if you should be most likely to offer a great present, then you should get it however you like. Additionally, there are lots of amazing gift suggestions that’ll make a positive feeling.

In partners’ showers, then it really is acceptable to have yourself a talent equally people may take pleasure in. Because it isn’t possible the bunch was anticipating these an talent that you will really bask in each one the glory. Thus the perfect retirement gift suggestions focus to how the pleasure that the retiree is likely to undoubtedly be needing.

Should you choose to attract a present, then you may like to produce the present very simple, and abide by the caveats under. You may be sure that no body will provide them exactly the same gift! Evidently, you are going to desire to be able to get only the appropriate gift on these. It really is a lot harder to get only the ideal gift in the event that you personally have no small kids of yourself personal. It could be demanding selecting the perfect present for a girl friend. Choosing the perfect present for a fresh duo may be trying.

Share some thing favorable regarding the person that gave one of exactly the gift. Inappropriate, as it’s really tough to detect the perfect gift which isn’t overly pricey yet light hearted to accommodate your event. You always know the best way to pick the excellent gift! Beau coup supplies a significant selection of one-of-a-kind bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gift suggestions that will assist you find the most excellent gift for the loved ones and dearest family members.


Cheap Ways to Decorate a Bathroom – What Is It?

In lots of cases, it truly is really a defining section of this restroom that puts the complete decoration and also some thing a whole lot of people spend a great deal of time deciding on. Your rest room can have today’s and vintage Victorian impression with all the type of lighting you choose to put in. Having mentioned that, the restroom, such as each and every room within the residence, is changing about style trends.

As a result of nature of Bath-room, it needs to really be kept tidy as well as outstanding. All over again, it really is maybe not appropriate for baths. The bathroom can be a very moist natural environment which will require more security compared to the standard wall may present. Therefore before to opting to remodeling your toilet, you ought to make certain the whole info regarding the components will be accumulated by you personally for the absolute best renovation. A motif bathroom can be wise.

You can utilize the above suggestions to help redesign your toilet without being forced to devote plenty of dollars. On the last couple of decades, most baths are very one of the main chambers to beautify at your home now, alongside the ideal kitchen, most homeowners’re browsing to enhance the worthiness of these home or simply just showoff a remodeled room for their relatives and family members. Your bath, just like any additional room inside your home, ought to really be decorated so as to minimize any strain which some body gets. 1st things initially, as it’s to accomplish using a open bathtub, that will be a really bath shower with no doorway, since it doesn’t need some demarcation like by the remaining of the restroom, it really is imperative you simply leave room enough onto a lawn, or so the drinking water does not go towards the total rest room floor also ensure it’s soaked.

When a lot of people chosen to go away their baths dull and plain, you can build a comforting and relaxing setting having the most appropriate decoration design and style. Whenever moment you move to a own bathroom you’re getting to understand your extractor supporter thus, don’t buy a buff that results in stronger and will not match your toilet decoration and also looks nasty only as it is economical, as following acquiring any thing a person may forget that the expense even supposing it’s high he’ll just remember the utilization, appearance and life of this product, the specific same goes with extractor fan. The bath within a petal is fairly beautiful.

Bath-room is really a stress-free zone at which the individual may flake out for a while. Possessing your bath is an easy endeavor. Possessing just a tiny Bath-room is actually a normal difficulty in little domiciles. The combined nations style Bath-room might function as simplest kind of design and style to make, and also only delight in the traditional Bath-room just works nicely inside of the proper household.

The easiest and quickest solution to measure the inner decoration of one’s house would be always to Base Board mildew it. Some of the very successful decorations to alter the overall look of almost any chamber are bulbs, that are not just cosmetic but additionally valuable. Additionally, concentrate which kind and kind of fabric you’ll love touse, and also will match your toilet layout. As a result of this a wide assortment in terms of colors and layouts, you can easily fit with the restroom paneling layouts together with rest of their restroom dressing and decor.


Baby Nursery Furniture Sets On Sale

It’s potential to speedily track your kid’s moves together along with your nanny’s. Your infant is likely to soon be quite much obliged for you in the event that you discover a small time and energy to give commentary to each fresh thing of decoration within the space. In the event you wish to fill your baby’s area with one great theme, you are likely to want to have a glance at designers. Should you are presently anticipating a baby, then you have to understand of course that there’s a exact lengthy list of matters to feel about. At the same period, all observe that a totally functional baby can simply get started walking at the right time of one.

You don’t have to put up your infant in any way instances (although you ought to make certain to retain an eye to them and to not leave them alone) as they can remain in place. The mattress that the baby utilized from the infant can nevertheless be used for the tiny mattress.

You are able to start off using a baby crib that is comprised using 4 mattress aid rankings so that you may adjust it with respect to your own kid’s freedom. Baby Automobiles are the most significant and also the most expensive product or service a baby prerequisites. The baby crib also includes three exceptional heights so that you may adjust it in accordance by means of your baby’s demands.


The Death of Images of Bathroom Floor Tiles

The Battle above Images of Bathroom Floor Tiles and The Way To Grow It

There are very a great deal of explanations for why tiles loosen or lift. Mosaic tiles help give a lot of distinct fashions towards the total bathroom design. Accent Wall Because mosaic tiles are many occasions mounted sheets, it’s easy to install massive locations and much more compact boundaries merely by slicing the sheet. Now you may make an effort to get rid of and re set individual tilesbut neverthelessit wont fix the larger difficulty. Ripping out awful shower is a expensive and labor-intensive occupation many homeowners may perhaps not have a tendency to tackle.

1 Mark the midst of the area that you simply want to reduce the tile having a grease pen. Should you are just installing the ceramic tileand also you’ve secured a small leftover, believe about making a transition strip out of the tiles.

The amount that you desire is dependent up on the tile. You may locate glass tile in a lot of colors, dimensions and shapes, therefore there are a whole lot of design selections to match the remaining section of the bathroom far too. Smaller glass tiles appear to be slick and high priced, however call for a fantastic deal of grout and so extra cleaning.

Tile has the capability to affect the size of you and your company understand the magnitude of the flooring as it delivers a grid of grout traces onto the soil, which can create the area appear larger or smaller than it actually is. Ceramic tiles are normally utilised in domiciles inside the soaked areas of the house. Opt for proper Spot when you may paint any ceramic kitchen tilethere are particular places where paint is prone to consume.

Tiles can be installed in various patterns to alter the expression of the tiles. Besides shielding the tile , in addition, it impacts the way by the vinyl seems to be. When it may appear strange, it’s actually most useful touse larger tiles at a tiny shower. Larger stone tiles are rough to antique, therefore a few rustic-looking tiles might possibly be prohibitively costly at larger measurements or mightn’t be available in any way.

By way of example, a thick mosaic can earn a tiny bathroom really feel frantic or more busy. Laying ceramic tile mosaics is much like laying larger ceramic tileswith a few exceptions.

When it regards the paint itself, select to get a high-gloss or semi-gloss formula. Oil-based paints aren’t extremely environmentally helpful and are getting to be more troublesome to discover. Engineered paint is hard to reverse and when it’s sealed, it is certainly going to become more challenging to undo.

Concrete can be coloured using a choice of distinct chemicals, and acid stains are among the prevalent selections. It may be an appealing alternative for the shower flooring, especially if your shower is an unusual shape or measurement, as concrete is easily molded. It may look like an strange material to utilize at a bathroom, however it also has several qualities that make it an appealing option.