Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Decor and characteristics there is instead a lot of ways in which you can decorate your toilet. There are tons of ideas it’s possible to redesign your bathroom without breaking your financing, provided that you consider a few things beforehand. Say you’ve got a more streamlined toilet and one that only employs one dressing table.

Remodeling your toilet is one of the simple cheapest procedures to raise the value of your house. Out of all of the rooms in your home, the bathroom is among the most excellent places to make modifications, if you aspire not to decorate your house, but also raise the value. Knowing it’s merely one of the principal rooms in the house, and well try our best to finish the job quickly. Small bathrooms are nearly always difficult to reestablish as a result of the restriction of distance in the toilet. You might discover some relatively lovely and economical small bathroom remodeling ideas online you’ll genuinely like.

small bathroom remodel ideas

For all of the time in your kitchen, you deserve to receive it seem and feel exactly how you want. Or you might also follow DIY approaches as a way to revive your kitchen. What’s more, the kitchen is the crux of the home, the attention of the house, and often the area most people remember best when they depart, leaving you with this extra layer of anxiety about layout and design. Your kitchen will be the attention of your residence. Remember, however, the longer you enjoy your kitchen, the less value it increases your premises.

If your home demands a facelift, consider a bathroom remodel. When you market your residence, you want to make specific the upgrades you create are well worthwhile.

Undefined or unrealistic budgets you might be amazed how many homeowners do not pick on a budget, or each time they do establish a budget it is unrealistic to place it well. In the event you’re very similar to quite a few homeowners, you have got toilet redesign thoughts through hunting online, looking at publications, talking to good friends, together with visiting different homes. A homeowner remodeling a bathroom may try to find a dressing table for space at a discount.

If you are organizing a job, don’t forget to contact premier flooring to their excellent prices before buying the stuff from a massive box shop, for the setup goes smoothly and you also get the quality outcome which you’re hunting. The absolute most crucial thing to perform before you choose to implement some remodeling job in your home is to conduct your research. A home improvement project like bathroom remodeling is also a significant investment.

In the toilet, nevertheless, it might be in your best interest to go to get a double medicine cabinet since it is going to feature double the potential and will be suitable for one individual. Bathroom vanities can have found in all sorts of sizes and shapes. A bathroom vanity is similarly an opportunity to develop the decoration of the space with the choice of materials and colors.(YAW)

How To Waterproof Your Bathroom Floor

I’m going to show you how to waterproof the bathroom floor. These are my tools I’ll be using; got a bit of cleaning equipment, some safety equipment, got my primer, my stirrer, my hammer, my knife. So I have my spirit level, my scraper, my membrane, my caulking gun, and I got my silicone and my waterproofing product here.

With our first step, we’ll be cleaning the area free of dust and make it nice and smooth.

cleaning the area free of dust and make it nice and smooth

And our next step is to apply the primer.

apply the primer

Make sure you follow the guidelines and instructions on how to do so. When applying your primer, it’s good to start from the back corner and work your way forward. It’s also good to go up the wall a little bit.

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Now that the primer has dried, we’re going to fill the cracks with silicone.

fill the cracks with silicone

Now I’m going to scrape away the excess with my spatula.

scrape away the excess with my spatula

I’ve now waited 24 hours for the silicone to dry.

Now I’m going to start my waterproofing process. I’m now going to apply some masking tape. I’ll apply it to the point of where we will be waterproofing.

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apply some masking tape

So we do not go above that. I’m doing the bathroom floor, but if I was going up to the shower recesses, I would have to go, at least, 1.8 Meters high.

at least, 1.8 Meters high

So next step I’m going to apply the waterproofing agent, starting from the back corner and working my way forward.

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apply the waterproofing agent

Once I’ve done my first coat of waterproofing, I can then put on my membrane focusing on the joints and the cracks.

put on my membrane focusing on the joints and the cracks

I’ll now roll the membrane out so I can cut to size the measurements that I need. I’m just doing bits at a time so I can still reach to the corners.

Now in order for this to stick, I’m going to apply some more waterproofing on top of it. Now if you do find it easier, you can use a paintbrush instead of a roller.

apply some more waterproofing on top

I’ll now continue to apply the waterproofing agent and membrane the rest of the floor.

apply the waterproofing agent and membrane the rest of the floor

Now this junk can be messy sometimes so you might want to put your gloves on. Now that I’ve been around the outsides, I’m going to continue waterproofing the floor, focusing on the joints and applying the membrane. Now I’ve finished applying my first coat of waterproofer and the membrane.

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I’m going to let it dry for 24 hours. Now I’ve waited 24 hours, I’m going to apply my second coat.

apply my second coat

Now I’ve applied my second coat of waterproofing, I’m going to leave that to dry for 24 hours and that’s the job done. Don’t forget to take the tape off.

Don't forget to take the tape off

And that’s how you waterproof a bathroom floor..

Interior Design Tips & Tricks

So here we are in Ro’s new living room, and I am going to bring you through some of the design tips we used to create this really beautiful space.

Tip number one is think about flow.

Before Ro had a problem with flow, because she had a gigantic sofa that just blocked the room off from the rest of the house. What we did was, we broke up the sofa.

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Interior Design Tips & Tricks

One of the considerations here is that Ro has a lot of people in this room, and we needed a lot of seating. But what we didn’t wanna do is have her guests feel like they were penned in. So, we have one large sectional sofa, that accommodates 10 people. And there’s flow through here.

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one large sectional sofa

And we’ve broken it up with a second matching sofa.

a second matching sofa

We also paired two chairs, which flank the fire.

 two chairs flanking fireplace

What else helps in this space is that we have a circular table, so there’s no angles that lead people in or out or sort of box them in.

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a circular table

Tip number two, coordinated color palette.

So, there’s a lot going on in this room, and it actually flows into the kitchen. So we wanted the whole space to be seamless. We have consistent marble in the coffee table, and in the kitchen.

consistent marble in the coffee table, and in the kitchen

We have consistent nickel accents so all of the hardware in the kitchen as well as the pieces we’ve chosen in the living room and in this shelf are all nickel accent.

consistent nickel accents

And we also have this consistent gray palette.

consistent gray palette

So we wanted to pick up the color of the veins in Ro’s marble and backsplash. And we wanted to bring that all the way through to the living room so it feels easy, styled, comfortable, but it’s one seamless space that they can utilize for Ro’s production.

consistent gray palette 2

Tip number three.

When you’re styling with a really muted color palette like this, think about textures. So, what makes this really interesting, even though it’s sort of shades of gray, is that, we have polished marble. We have satin nickel. We have a really great tweed.

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We have silk in the rug. And we have a rough linen in the chairs. And then we’ve got this non-honed, dry finished marble on the coffee table. And what that’s allowing us to do is to mix all of these colors, but still have it be visually interesting.

So, when you go tonal, go textured. – Hey guys, we’re gonna do some tips and tricks on how we did Ro’s home office.

Tip number one, spacial configuration.

One of the biggest things we had to think about when we did Ro’s office is, where everything would go so the flow was really, really good.

We put all of our L-shaped desks back to back in order to make these zones.

L-shaped desks

One is the back area which is the private accounting zone, computers facing the wall, and the front area is the more public zone, where Ro and Molly are doing their work and they have this great seating area. So it’s broken up into two zones that are really functional.

Tip two, noise dampening in an office.

I think one of the big considerations that Ro wanted was, how do we take this space and make it much more quiet, and we did that by adding things like carpets and the sofa.

 adding things like carpets

All of these bigger pieces absorb sound and now, the entire office is really calm and cozy and exactly what Ro wanted.

Tip three, cord management.

When you’re thinking about an open office plan like this, where the desks are floating, it’s really important to consider cord management.

custom drilled holes

So in the case of Ro’s office, the desks themselves came with one port for cords, and we actually custom drilled holes in the other end of the desk for Ro’s desk light, so those cords were taken care of as well. So when you walk into the space, it’s really clean and clutter free.

Here we are in Ro’s bedroom. And I wanted to talk about what we did design-wise to pull this whole room together.

So I’m gonna give you a couple of tips.

Tip number one is choose a color palette.

So in Ro’s room, we chose this really great color palette, of gray and little bit of gray-green, and linen. And so we’ve picked that up across the room.

Tip number one is choose a color palette

The gray in the nightstands, linen in the headboard, we’ve got linen on the sofa, so the room feels really tied together. Because it’s got a neutral palette, it has a real sense of calm, which is something that Ro was really looking for this time around in her bedroom.

Tip number two, metallics.

So in Ro’s room, because we were working with and existing chandelier which is very sparkly, we chose to use all of these nickel accents in here to enhance the chandelier.

Tip number two, metallics

We also brought in some of the silver in the mercury glass side lamps. So there’s really a gray and silver and neutral palette happening here, which makes the room really calm and consistent.

Tip number three, think about room functionality.

When we came into this room, we realized that there were a couple of things going for it.

It has great light, so lots of windows. It has a very high ceiling. And it also has lots of room. And so, just like the rest of the house, Ro really wanted her bedroom to be kind of multi functional.

She wanted it to be a bedroom, but it’s also, a little bit of a media room. So we added in a seating area beside the bed and brought in side tables, which is pretty unusual for a bedroom, but actually works in here, because of the scale.

side tables

We added seating to the end of the bed, so people can watch TV or, you know, when you’re putting your shoes on, Ro can sit there, and there’s also extra seating in the corner. So this room goes beyond being a bedroom and becomes a very functional media room as well.

Turning a Hollow Spiral Candlestick Easily

Turning a Hollow Spiral Candlestick-min

This time around we are showing what sort of Hollow Spiral Candlestick is actually created utilizing used cutter form shape. This isn’t the how-to tutorial, however may display the cutting processes used on Legacy’s CNC machines.

This project has three turned components, the top, the middle and the bottom. Obviously, the most interesting part is the middle hollow spiral.

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However, the top and bottom are similar in design and even use the same cutters. Each part was programmed using Legacy’s exclusive Conversational CAM turning software. Let’s begin with the top and bottom components. Both blanks are turned round with a 1.25 “Surfacing” cutter.

top and bottom components

Notice there is a thin section that was accidentally not turned round. Nevertheless, watch how easy the cutter removes the extra material with a “Plunge Flat Round over” cutter.

the cutter removes the extra material-min

This cutter shape is used to turn radii and beaded profiles. After a few radii are turned, a 2 diameter “Barley Twist” profile shapes the main body of the top and bottom components.

 profile shapes the main body of the top and bottom components-min

Last, a 0.75 “Core Box” cutter turns a contour radius on the ends.

turning the hollow spiral section

Now lets jump to the fun part, turning the hollow spiral section. Just like the top and bottom components, the blank is turned round. Afterwards, the same 2 “Barley Twist” cutter that was used previously is also used to turn two cutter profiles on either end.

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turn two cutter profiles on either end

The same cutter then produces a 3 start barley twist between the two profile cuts.

produces a 3 start barley twist between the two profile cuts

The final tool, a 0.5 “Straight” cutter, will machine the hollowing process by following the same tool paths as the barley twist.

hollowing process

This was programmed to take a 0.125 Of an inch per pass until it reached the center of the blank. To finish this component, 1.0 Diameter round tenons are turned on both ends of the hollow spiral.

turned on both ends of the hollow spiral

Altogether these parts took less than 40 minutes to produce. You can see how powerful cutter profiles can be, especially when combined with Legacy’s exclusive Conversational CAM turning software.

powerful cutter profiles

If you would like to participate in live training webinars that teach how projects like these are designed and programmed, you can sign up for Legacy’s 4-week guest pass.

That is all our review today. In future we will update with another woodworking tips and trick for you, our reader. If you still have a few time please check our previous articles like this one: Do Toilet Seat Covers Really Protect You? and this one Old Main Building Renovation Reveals Hidden Secrets.

Thank you so much, see you later.

Do Toilet Seat Covers Really Protect You?

Didn’t use a toilet seat cover in that public restroom? You may regret it

Do Toilet Seat Covers Really Protect You

Are you afraid of contracting a terrible disease from using a public restroom? How dirty are those toilets really? And how useful are those annoying paper covers that always tear and then fall into the bowl after you’ve set them down anyway?

how useful are those annoying paper covers

Well, according to modern science, those paper covers, don’t actually do very much Concern over the possibility of contracting disease from public restrooms has been around for over 100 years. US patents for sanitation covers for latrine seats date back as far as 1911 and I believe it was the late great Louis Pasteur* one of the founders of germ theory who said: Women, it is best to hover when peeing (*Louis Pasteur definitely did NOT say this).

We know bathrooms and kitchens are a hot bed of bacteria and other microorganisms due to the abundance of moisture and nutrients.

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Toilet seats are known hang outs for disease agents

Toilet seats are known hang outs for disease agents like E. Coli, strep- and, staphylococcus bacteria, and the common cold but studies have shown that the toilet bowl isn’t the worst offender when it comes to germs – I will never eat off of anything touched by a kitchen sponge again.

Also, unless you have an open sore or other breach in the protective body casing that is your skin, the chance of disease transmission through toilet seat use is slim. People have gotten their knickers in a bunch over the safety of toilet seats when a few cases of sexually transmitted diseases cropped up in individuals who claimed that they could not have contracted their infections through the usual manner.

Here you go: How To Waterproof Your Bathroom Floor

Dirty toilet seats were blamed but scientists have repeatedly refuted this conclusion on the grounds that the infectious agents are not viable for long outside a host body and transmission requires direct contact with mucosal membranes. Actually, according to a paper in the journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology you are far more likely to get sick by breathing the aerosolized bacteria in water droplets from your flush than you are from copping a squat. There is a psychological factor at work here though. For some people, the act of using a disposable seat cover just makes them feel safer and thats hard to argue with.

wash your hand

But if youre looking for habits more conducive to disease prevention than using a toilet seat cover wash your hands with soap and water. Yep, thats it. Thats the best way to avoid getting sick from the use of a public restroom is to wash your hands. Also when possible, close the toilet seat cover before you flush. (Or at least dont stand with your face over the toilet when you do).

Trick: Interior Design Tips & Tricks

close the toilet seat

So what have we learned? Toilets are not the worst offenders of disease transmission and Nature has once again beat out Man in efficient engineering of sanitary barriers through the evolution of skin. So let us know what you think! Are toilet seat covers a wasteful american phenomenon or necessary precaution?

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Old Main Building Renovation Reveals Hidden Secrets

Probably after San Xavier Mission, Old Main is the most important building in Southern Arizona. I don’t think you’d get a lot of arguments about that. The importance of it relative to the University of Arizona, and the importance of the University of Arizona in this community. And so when you get to work on that, that’s spectacular.

Old Main Building Renovation Reveals Hidden Secrets

When you get to work on a building that is not just important, but as we’ve worked on the building, we’ve come to understand what a great building it is. What a great building it is for this climate, for the U of A campus, for this community.

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And to get to follow in the footsteps of the architect and builder who did that project in 1887 to 1891 is privilege. How often do you get to do that? The way we practice architecture is very much tied to this place, a sense of place, and Tucson is a very demanding climate.

Old Main Building university of arizona

And it’s also a location with a big, long cultural history. And the buildings that we try to do, that are contemporary buildings, all need to respond to the desert environment, and all need to be responsive to the culture of this place. And that’s what I mean by sense of place. And people use it in terms of art.

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Old Main contemporary bulidings desert environment 2

People use it in terms of music. It’s the connection between an art form or a design, and the location in which it’s placed. So when we first started the project, there was this rumor floating around. And the rumor floating around was that the floor between the upper level and the lower level was filled with dirt.

there was this rumor floating around

And we didn’t know if that was true or not. It was a pretty strong rumor and, sure enough, the entire floor, about 12,000 square feet of floor between the first and second, has about 2 and 1/2 inches of dirt covering the entire space between the floor and the ceiling.

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inches of dirt

And the reason they did that was for sound attenuation, that you had a wooden floor with a wooden structure sitting over classrooms over classrooms. And people were worried that as people walked on the floor, that the sound would reverberate down.

And a good way to deaden sound is with a massive material, a heavy material, and so dirt was the perfect material to use. So when you opened up the floor,  you were looking at all dirt, and we were looking at the floor after they took the dirt out, and we noticed that there were pieces, every once in awhile, that were painted.

original construction sign

And we couldn’t figure out what that was until we took all those out and put them together in a puzzle, and it turned out it was the original construction sign with the name of the contractor on it. And they just cut that up in little pieces and used that for the shelving.

original construction sign 2

What the architect, James Creighton, did is he understood that over the years this building was going to grow and change. The demands on it were going to change over time. And so what he built was a very simple structure, in which it consists of a cruciform, and then he built four quadrants, four big rooms. And then he built two wings, north and south, which were all originally empty.

he understood that over the years this building was going to grow and change

And he designed that so that all of the people at the University of Arizona that followed could modify those spaces as they needed them over hundreds of years. And so our intent is to take this historic shell and make it back the way it was when it was first built, and then go in and fill in that shell with all brand new uses, with new technology, and new offices, and new furniture, and be able to tell the difference. So when you walk into Old Main, you will understand that you’re looking at a modern interior in a historic building.  I’m going to really honored to be part of this next iteration this next group of users that try to respect that original building.

modern interior in a historic building

We had a really nice visit with President Hart. And we were standing in this big open space, and we were talking about the glass walls and the contemporary materials. And I just turned to her, and I said you know this gives me a little bit of goosebumps, because this is exactly what James Creighton intended us to do when he finished the building in 1891. He knew that 122 years later, folks would be in here doing exactly what we’re doing.

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