Cheap Outdoor Beverage Carts For Sale

Today, entrepreneurs must be smart. What does that mean? The goal here is to be able to take advantage of many things to get the attention of consumers and finally buy our products. It sounds easy but in reality it is difficult. Because in practice we need to be interested in seeing what opportunities can be used. One is the appearance.


The appearance aspect in business, especially culinary, is very important. Without attractive appearance, we are considered common in the eyes of consumers. Although the culinary activity continues to depend on creations of flavors. But appearance is so important to consumers. We often find the sale of beverages in supermarkets that have a normal flavor. But the appearance is very special and loved by consumers. We can think, how can you…?

Corporate cakes also highlight the aspect. While the habit aja. In addition to big names, they also rely on fitness to attract attention. In big cities, these things are normal and even mandatory. So, in the course of our activities, it is not superficial. There is something we need to do with performance.

In the beverage sector, we have to change cars as a commercial symbol. Currently cars or cars are designed very beautiful. Of course, with the variations of color and price. For example, many have used outdoor coffee carts for various businesses, such as coffee or chocolate. Cars are definitely a public concern because when you see it, you may be interested. Similarly, when someone does business with bubbles, there are special trolleys for sparkling beverages for this business. Usually, the color is visible. This activity can be done indoors or indoors or outdoors.

Do you want to make coffee carts? You can also Good concept of drinking coffee or set according to your needs. We have little to show that the coffee industry is currently symptomatic everywhere. This is because the tendency to drink coffee infects our society. In fact, a lot of time has passed. But a big wave of coffee and coffee took place this time. In general, this coffee company uses teak wood to create cars. This wooden material is beautiful physically. Very good support. Or if you want simple and simple, you can use portable cars. This guy can take him anywhere. Especially when there is an exhibition. These can also be called show cars.

We are Indonesian car producers aware of the extent of the needs of these drink carts. Therefore, we are here to welcome you with the hope that you know it is the center of cars of Indonesia. We sell cars that sell various models of all kinds. Cars that use wood to other materials such as multiplex, ACP, aluminum and others.

Suppose you need cars for Thai tea sales, contact us and we will discuss the product. We offer a variety of unique and interesting designs so you know what’s interesting for you. We also sell Thai tea carts with different models. In addition, we also sell Cappuccino carts if you are doing this business.

How to place an order is very easy. Just contact us at the address indicated on this site. Then discuss with your CS your needs. Or if you are looking in google just type sell cheap carts, we will be on the home page of the Google search engine to simplify it.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Your Bathroom Remodeling Supplies Online

Have you as of late settled on the choice to redesign your washroom? Regardless of whether you might want to rebuild every last bit of your restroom or only a little bit of it, you should purchase supplies. The provisions required will all rely on the redesigning venture you have to finish. For example, in the event that you are hoping to have your bath supplanted, you should arrange another bath. Regardless of whether you require a bath, new ground surface, or even new restroom cupboards, have you chosen where you might want to shop yet? On the off chance that you resemble numerous different mortgage holders, you might ponder regardless of whether you should purchase your restroom renovating supplies on the web.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Your Bathroom Remodeling Supplies Online
As beforehand specified, the washroom rebuilding supplies required will all rely on the sort of redesigning that you are doing. The provisions that you will need will likewise decide if you should purchase your provisions on the web. For example, if you are hoping to buy another bath it might be somewhat troublesome for you to purchase a bath on the web. Obviously, it is constantly conceivable to do, yet you may think that it is expensive. Contingent upon where you would arrange your new bath from, it might need to traverse the nation. In the event that that is the situation, you may discover the cost of transportation or conveyance to be very costly. Truth be told, you may likewise discover it an excessive amount to manage.

In all truth, the cost of delivery is extremely the main drawback to obtaining your restroom renovating supplies on the web. In all actuality are, truly, a boundless number of advantages to obtaining your washroom redesigning supplies on the web. One of those advantages is the measure of time that it will take you to do your shopping. On the web, you could without much of a stretch discover a large number of various baths accessible available to be purchased. On the off chance that you discover a bath or some other washroom apparatus that you require, you could buy it without leaving your home. You can likewise spare yourself a genuinely substantial measure of time by shopping on the web. On the off chance that you have a thought with reference to what you are searching for, it is conceivable to discover, request, and pay for your kitchen renovating supplies in as meager as a couple of minutes.

Notwithstanding the measure of time that you can spare, by looking for your washroom renovating supplies on the web, you likewise have a superior shot of finding what you are searching for. Regardless of whether you are hoping to buy another bath, another washroom sink, another latrine, or restroom floor tiles, the web gives you access to a huge number of various things. This implies whether you are searching for minimal effort renovating supplies, rich supplies, or those that are handcrafted, you ought to effectively have the capacity to discover what you are searching for on the web. You can begin with a standard web seek.

In spite of the fact that there are more preferences to purchasing your lavatory redesigning supplies online than there are impediments, you will find that the previously mentioned hindrance is a genuinely extensive one. On the off chance that you are shopping for a financial plan, it is best to search for online retailers that offer transportation rebates for their washroom renovating materials, supplies, and apparatuses. On the off chance that you can discover one of these rebates, you could, no ifs ands or buts, advantage from doing your shopping on the web.hs

Best Weight Loss Shakes

Eating a whole moderate portion, following a solid training plan with unprocessed food is a great way to lose weight. If you don’t have the time to prepare or eat a full meal, shake up support for such a plan. The best weight loss includes a solid balance of nutrients that you must shake to fill and get at any diet.
Best Weight Loss Shakes
The sheik is ideally derived from the entire food, which includes a minimum of sugar and supplements.
After a weight loss diet To lose weight, you need a calorie deficit which simply means that you eat fewer calories than you burn. 500 calorie deficit to 250 daily is achievable by most people and provides a safe 1/2 to 1 pound weight loss per week. Create a deficit like this by selecting low-calorie foods and trimming the size of the pieces to go more.

It is not recommended to consume less than 1200 calories per day as it is almost impossible to meet the needs of your nutrients. If they contain 250 to 400 calories, the best weight loss fits into this plan – not enough to replenish them and give your energy, but to push them so much into your daily calorie goal.

Shake with too little calories and replace the whole meal is usually not happy or complete nutritionally.
Exchange of meals shakes In addition to your regular dietary routines, shake-drinking is unlikely to help you lose weight. The best weight loss vibrations replace higher calorie diets and snacks. A properly crafted shake will help you trim calories and still get the nutrients you need. Replacing too many meals with daily weight loss shakes, however, limiting your nutrient intake can lead to weight loss too fast, so you lose some fat plus valuable muscle. Fast weight loss is difficult to obtain, All lost pounds are usually recovered. Relying on being shaken exclusively for weight loss does not teach them to be healthy and long-term eating habits either.

At some point, you will need to reach your target weight and fight what you eat to maintain your new body.
Weight loss shakes to avoid Pre-purchased weight loss is often laden with artificial sweeteners that have the effect of having doubts about losing weight, or shaking that contains more sugar than is necessary.

Pre-packaged vibrations may include excessive caffeine, preservatives, chemical paints, artificial fragrances, and other ingredients. Some weight loss shakes are medically prescribed in the case of morbid obesity. These are very low calories, like Medifast, and should only be eaten if they are under the supervision of a physician. Shake is usually just a small part of these extreme weight loss programs. They are usually encouraged to eat other specific packaged meal exchange foods, such as soups, stews, chili peppers, oatmeal, and scrambled eggs.

Confidence to swaying alone is often not encouraged and is not sustainable.
The best shakes include the whole food Instead of reaching out for canned or boxed weight loss, consider making your own of the whole food. The best homemade shakes include fresh fruits such as strawberries and blueberries, as well as protein sources, whey powders and so on. Whey protein and amino acid leucine help to lose fat and maintain lean muscle mass as you make you feel complete. Add cows, soybeans, almonds and coconut milk to get calcium and vitamin D.

A tablespoon of nutty butter, chia seeds, and grand flaxseeds provides healthy fats that improve the saturation feeling. Add a handful of spinach to your smoothie, to increase your nutritional value without even adding tons of calories. Do not add fruit juices or sweeteners, neither will increase the calorie count without filling them. Hs.more article please visit protein shake recipes

5 Approaches To Discover Moderate, Quality Parts For Your Vehicle

The most recent offerings from American car makers has the business humming. Combined with soak rebates, cars are taking off of showrooms at a record cut. Not every person is purchasing another car nowadays, rather a critical number of car sweethearts are keeping up and keeping their cars for five or ten years, considerably more.

Be that as it may, finding reasonable, quality parts for any model car can be troublesome especially as the car ages. We should take a gander at five ways you can observe parts for your prospective exemplary.

1. The Dealers. Some merchant inventories are broad and incorporate parts for great models including the Dodge Charger, Coronet, and Omni; Ford Mustang, Thunderbird, and LTD; and Chevrolet Camaro, Caprice, and Vega. Their costs, in any case, can be steep as you are paying the merchant rate and getting honest to goodness producer parts.

2. The Junk Yard. The least expensive parts out there can be pulled off a disaster area that has been put in a rescue yard. Obviously finding the specific make/display part and trusting that it isn’t harmed or exhausted is something else.

3. Parts Stores. Your nearby parts store may stock what you require. If not, the better ones can put in a request and have it delivered in.

4. Ebay. What isn’t sold online through eBay and other sale locales? Valuable little! There is one critical proviso with buying through a bartering site: misrepresentation is uncontrolled. Just buy through these kinds of organizations on the off chance that you know the purchaser and you can get a certification.

5. Shop Online. Physical stores are getting firm rivalry from online purveyors. Some are great, some aren’t. Things to search for in an online trader: check to ensure that they are a perceived name in the business, stock quality parts, offer toll free telephone bolster, send from a U.S. address, and their delivery and taking care of expenses are obviously expressed. Costs at these kinds of stores are typically exceptionally aggressive; they are additionally similar stores that a large number of your nearby parts stores arrange from. On the off chance that you arrange from them specifically, you will remove the center man and acknowledge noteworthy investment funds.

Along these lines, if your 1996 Chevrolet Impala is your pride and delight you can prop it up for some more years by obtaining moderate, quality car parts from a trustworthy dealer.

Buyer Tips : How to Purchase an Utilized Car Privately

Numerous individuals purchase cars secretly instead of through merchants. You can regularly spare cash going this course, notwithstanding, remember that in the event that you have issues with the vehicle it might be troublesome, if certainly feasible, to get any help or remuneration from the seller. Here are some more tips on the best way to get the best arrangement when purchasing an utilized car:

It’s “purchaser be careful” when obtaining an utilized car, along these lines, make certain to take it to your repairman for an assessment before giving over any cash. On the off chance that he (or she) finds the vehicle perilous as well as needing repairs, figure out who will pay for them in advance and incorporate this in your composed buy assention.

Check for liens against the vehicle. A lien implies that cash is owed on the vehicle and in spite of the fact that the seller is in control of the vehicle, its legitimate claim has a place with another person, for example, a bank. On the off chance that you purchase a vehicle with a lien against it, you may be considered in charge of future installment. Enactment varies crosswise over locales on the results of purchasing a vehicle with a lien. It is conceivable that the new proprietor might be required to pay the cash owed or on the other hand you may chance having the vehicle seized. Contact your common or regional office of customer issues for data particular to your ward or to discover the association in your locale in charge of leading lien checks.

Guarantee that the individual you purchase the car from is its enlisted proprietor. Make sure to request repair bills and support records.

On the off chance that you choose to purchase a vehicle from a private vender comprehend that he or she could be in the matter of exchanging low quality, stolen or potentially reconstructed vehicles. Some of these individuals, as often as possible alluded to as “curbers” or “curbsiders,” might be included with any number of different tricks, for example, messing with the odometer or offering vehicles with liens against them.

The danger of curbsider tricks makes it particularly imperative that you get the utilized vehicle checked by a repairman. You might need to scrutinize a repairman you know and trust to check whether the odometer has been moved back. They can regularly tell by contrasting wear and tear and the odometer perusing.

Keep in mind that you don’t have the privilege to alter your opinion after a deal, for example, this. On the off chance that you have issues with the vehicle it will in all probability be difficult to get any help or pay from the merchant. Case might be your exclusive choice.

Similarly as with any vast ticket buy, there’s a considerable measure to know so as to get the arrangement it’s hard to believe, but it’s true for you. The wellsprings of data about purchasing cars are boundless. It can be very baffling, and tedious to get what you require. As of not long ago that is. On account of another Web website ( made by elected, common, regional governments and their accomplices, Canadians now have simple access to several goal, dependable, current purchaser data sources. Best information about Venezuela automotriz including venezuela productiva right here : (EC)

Bathroom Paint Ideas

Your bathroom can be very contemporary and include timber that is what we heard from the most recent kitchen layouts in 2016. If you want to improve your toilet, then have a look at your shower and observe which sort of adjustments will make bath somewhat better. Unfortunately, it had one quite small bathroom.

When you are painting the bathroom, buy paint samples and utilize them in the bathroom area. Thus, spend some time in exploring to find the appropriate colors and paint finishes since it’s likely to continue to maintain the toilet beautiful for several years to come. Master bath our master bath is the most likely among the most unsatisfactory features of the new residence. Bearing this in mind, make your bedroom the perfect place for the remainder by employing relaxing and soothing paint colors.

bathroom paint ideas

In the event the area is significant, and you would like to make a comfy atmosphere, then decide on a bright color for your space. A vast room can create your visitors feel uninvited. It is not nice to go into a person’s living space. You want your living space to include an integral color and two accent colors. In the event, you are not sure you can discover the perfect strategies for painting living space for your property, consider starting at a less dominant region, for instance, a cabinet or basement. Shortly, shifting the floor turned to demoing the complete bathroom.

Choice of colors is comparable to searching for a constellation. Another method to select color would be to choose a cloth you have got inside the area or may use inside.

The endings are usually water-based or use atypical solvent properties; therefore, fix may be a problem should you touch a scratch up. A set finish has become easily the most inexpensive, and gloss is that the most expensive. There are several types of paint finishes which you need for bathroom paint ideas to consider.

Our plaster walls are presently buttery smooth and ready to our plaster repairer to fix cracks and holes before priming! Painting a ceiling is more or less the least enjoyable part of a painting job, but by using the correct system and tools, you can paint a ceiling a fantastic deal quicker without fatigue.

Maybe you feel as if your house is obsolete or takes merely a refresher training program. A simple way to make a more spacious home is to make sure there is open space between significant components of furniture such as tables and dressers. Possessing visible house numbers makes it a good deal easier for visitors to find your home and might also add additional charm and character.

Let us explore several those trending and excellent modular kitchen layout ideas it’s likely to attempt. Among the easiest ways to present your home, a new look is to highlight open spaces. Whether you would like to enhance the overall look of the backyard or front of your house to boost your chances of selling to get a fantastic cost to an owner, you will enjoy, or increase the aesthetic to your area, deter crime, and lessen the odds of burglary. The job does not have to be costly or overwhelming. (YAW)

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Decor and characteristics there is instead a lot of ways in which you can decorate your toilet. There are tons of ideas it’s possible to redesign your bathroom without breaking your financing, provided that you consider a few things beforehand. Say you’ve got a more streamlined toilet and one that only employs one dressing table.

Remodeling your toilet is one of the simple cheapest procedures to raise the value of your house. Out of all of the rooms in your home, the bathroom is among the most excellent places to make modifications, if you aspire not to decorate your house, but also raise the value. Knowing it’s merely one of the principal rooms in the house, and well try our best to finish the job quickly. Small bathrooms are nearly always difficult to reestablish as a result of the restriction of distance in the toilet. You might discover some relatively lovely and economical small bathroom remodeling ideas online you’ll genuinely like.

small bathroom remodel ideas

For all of the time in your kitchen, you deserve to receive it seem and feel exactly how you want. Or you might also follow DIY approaches as a way to revive your kitchen. What’s more, the kitchen is the crux of the home, the attention of the house, and often the area most people remember best when they depart, leaving you with this extra layer of anxiety about layout and design. Your kitchen will be the attention of your residence. Remember, however, the longer you enjoy your kitchen, the less value it increases your premises.

If your home demands a facelift, consider a bathroom remodel. When you market your residence, you want to make specific the upgrades you create are well worthwhile.

Undefined or unrealistic budgets you might be amazed how many homeowners do not pick on a budget, or each time they do establish a budget it is unrealistic to place it well. In the event you’re very similar to quite a few homeowners, you have got toilet redesign thoughts through hunting online, looking at publications, talking to good friends, together with visiting different homes. A homeowner remodeling a bathroom may try to find a dressing table for space at a discount.

If you are organizing a job, don’t forget to contact premier flooring to their excellent prices before buying the stuff from a massive box shop, for the setup goes smoothly and you also get the quality outcome which you’re hunting. The absolute most crucial thing to perform before you choose to implement some remodeling job in your home is to conduct your research. A home improvement project like bathroom remodeling is also a significant investment.

In the toilet, nevertheless, it might be in your best interest to go to get a double medicine cabinet since it is going to feature double the potential and will be suitable for one individual. Bathroom vanities can have found in all sorts of sizes and shapes. A bathroom vanity is similarly an opportunity to develop the decoration of the space with the choice of materials and colors.(YAW)

How To Waterproof Your Bathroom Floor

I’m going to show you how to waterproof the bathroom floor. These are my tools I’ll be using; got a bit of cleaning equipment, some safety equipment, got my primer, my stirrer, my hammer, my knife. So I have my spirit level, my scraper, my membrane, my caulking gun, and I got my silicone and my waterproofing product here.

With our first step, we’ll be cleaning the area free of dust and make it nice and smooth.

cleaning the area free of dust and make it nice and smooth

And our next step is to apply the primer.

apply the primer

Make sure you follow the guidelines and instructions on how to do so. When applying your primer, it’s good to start from the back corner and work your way forward. It’s also good to go up the wall a little bit.

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Now that the primer has dried, we’re going to fill the cracks with silicone.

fill the cracks with silicone

Now I’m going to scrape away the excess with my spatula.

scrape away the excess with my spatula

I’ve now waited 24 hours for the silicone to dry.

Now I’m going to start my waterproofing process. I’m now going to apply some masking tape. I’ll apply it to the point of where we will be waterproofing.

Review: Turning a Hollow Spiral Candlestick Easily

apply some masking tape

So we do not go above that. I’m doing the bathroom floor, but if I was going up to the shower recesses, I would have to go, at least, 1.8 Meters high.

at least, 1.8 Meters high

So next step I’m going to apply the waterproofing agent, starting from the back corner and working my way forward.

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apply the waterproofing agent

Once I’ve done my first coat of waterproofing, I can then put on my membrane focusing on the joints and the cracks.

put on my membrane focusing on the joints and the cracks

I’ll now roll the membrane out so I can cut to size the measurements that I need. I’m just doing bits at a time so I can still reach to the corners.

Now in order for this to stick, I’m going to apply some more waterproofing on top of it. Now if you do find it easier, you can use a paintbrush instead of a roller.

apply some more waterproofing on top

I’ll now continue to apply the waterproofing agent and membrane the rest of the floor.

apply the waterproofing agent and membrane the rest of the floor

Now this junk can be messy sometimes so you might want to put your gloves on. Now that I’ve been around the outsides, I’m going to continue waterproofing the floor, focusing on the joints and applying the membrane. Now I’ve finished applying my first coat of waterproofer and the membrane.

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I’m going to let it dry for 24 hours. Now I’ve waited 24 hours, I’m going to apply my second coat.

apply my second coat

Now I’ve applied my second coat of waterproofing, I’m going to leave that to dry for 24 hours and that’s the job done. Don’t forget to take the tape off.

Don't forget to take the tape off

And that’s how you waterproof a bathroom floor..

Interior Design Tips & Tricks

So here we are in Ro’s new living room, and I am going to bring you through some of the design tips we used to create this really beautiful space.

Tip number one is think about flow.

Before Ro had a problem with flow, because she had a gigantic sofa that just blocked the room off from the rest of the house. What we did was, we broke up the sofa.

Read: How To Waterproof Your Bathroom Floor

Interior Design Tips & Tricks

One of the considerations here is that Ro has a lot of people in this room, and we needed a lot of seating. But what we didn’t wanna do is have her guests feel like they were penned in. So, we have one large sectional sofa, that accommodates 10 people. And there’s flow through here.

Woodworking: Turning a Hollow Spiral Candlestick Easily

one large sectional sofa

And we’ve broken it up with a second matching sofa.

a second matching sofa

We also paired two chairs, which flank the fire.

 two chairs flanking fireplace

What else helps in this space is that we have a circular table, so there’s no angles that lead people in or out or sort of box them in.

Healthy tips: Do Toilet Seat Covers Really Protect You?

a circular table

Tip number two, coordinated color palette.

So, there’s a lot going on in this room, and it actually flows into the kitchen. So we wanted the whole space to be seamless. We have consistent marble in the coffee table, and in the kitchen.

consistent marble in the coffee table, and in the kitchen

We have consistent nickel accents so all of the hardware in the kitchen as well as the pieces we’ve chosen in the living room and in this shelf are all nickel accent.

consistent nickel accents

And we also have this consistent gray palette.

consistent gray palette

So we wanted to pick up the color of the veins in Ro’s marble and backsplash. And we wanted to bring that all the way through to the living room so it feels easy, styled, comfortable, but it’s one seamless space that they can utilize for Ro’s production.

consistent gray palette 2

Tip number three.

When you’re styling with a really muted color palette like this, think about textures. So, what makes this really interesting, even though it’s sort of shades of gray, is that, we have polished marble. We have satin nickel. We have a really great tweed.

Building news: Old Main Building Renovation Reveals Hidden Secrets

We have silk in the rug. And we have a rough linen in the chairs. And then we’ve got this non-honed, dry finished marble on the coffee table. And what that’s allowing us to do is to mix all of these colors, but still have it be visually interesting.

So, when you go tonal, go textured. – Hey guys, we’re gonna do some tips and tricks on how we did Ro’s home office.

Tip number one, spacial configuration.

One of the biggest things we had to think about when we did Ro’s office is, where everything would go so the flow was really, really good.

We put all of our L-shaped desks back to back in order to make these zones.

L-shaped desks

One is the back area which is the private accounting zone, computers facing the wall, and the front area is the more public zone, where Ro and Molly are doing their work and they have this great seating area. So it’s broken up into two zones that are really functional.

Tip two, noise dampening in an office.

I think one of the big considerations that Ro wanted was, how do we take this space and make it much more quiet, and we did that by adding things like carpets and the sofa.

 adding things like carpets

All of these bigger pieces absorb sound and now, the entire office is really calm and cozy and exactly what Ro wanted.

Tip three, cord management.

When you’re thinking about an open office plan like this, where the desks are floating, it’s really important to consider cord management.

custom drilled holes

So in the case of Ro’s office, the desks themselves came with one port for cords, and we actually custom drilled holes in the other end of the desk for Ro’s desk light, so those cords were taken care of as well. So when you walk into the space, it’s really clean and clutter free.

Here we are in Ro’s bedroom. And I wanted to talk about what we did design-wise to pull this whole room together.

So I’m gonna give you a couple of tips.

Tip number one is choose a color palette.

So in Ro’s room, we chose this really great color palette, of gray and little bit of gray-green, and linen. And so we’ve picked that up across the room.

Tip number one is choose a color palette

The gray in the nightstands, linen in the headboard, we’ve got linen on the sofa, so the room feels really tied together. Because it’s got a neutral palette, it has a real sense of calm, which is something that Ro was really looking for this time around in her bedroom.

Tip number two, metallics.

So in Ro’s room, because we were working with and existing chandelier which is very sparkly, we chose to use all of these nickel accents in here to enhance the chandelier.

Tip number two, metallics

We also brought in some of the silver in the mercury glass side lamps. So there’s really a gray and silver and neutral palette happening here, which makes the room really calm and consistent.

Tip number three, think about room functionality.

When we came into this room, we realized that there were a couple of things going for it.

It has great light, so lots of windows. It has a very high ceiling. And it also has lots of room. And so, just like the rest of the house, Ro really wanted her bedroom to be kind of multi functional.

She wanted it to be a bedroom, but it’s also, a little bit of a media room. So we added in a seating area beside the bed and brought in side tables, which is pretty unusual for a bedroom, but actually works in here, because of the scale.

side tables

We added seating to the end of the bed, so people can watch TV or, you know, when you’re putting your shoes on, Ro can sit there, and there’s also extra seating in the corner. So this room goes beyond being a bedroom and becomes a very functional media room as well.

Turning a Hollow Spiral Candlestick Easily

Turning a Hollow Spiral Candlestick-min

This time around we are showing what sort of Hollow Spiral Candlestick is actually created utilizing used cutter form shape. This isn’t the how-to tutorial, however may display the cutting processes used on Legacy’s CNC machines.

This project has three turned components, the top, the middle and the bottom. Obviously, the most interesting part is the middle hollow spiral.

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However, the top and bottom are similar in design and even use the same cutters. Each part was programmed using Legacy’s exclusive Conversational CAM turning software. Let’s begin with the top and bottom components. Both blanks are turned round with a 1.25 “Surfacing” cutter.

top and bottom components

Notice there is a thin section that was accidentally not turned round. Nevertheless, watch how easy the cutter removes the extra material with a “Plunge Flat Round over” cutter.

the cutter removes the extra material-min

This cutter shape is used to turn radii and beaded profiles. After a few radii are turned, a 2 diameter “Barley Twist” profile shapes the main body of the top and bottom components.

 profile shapes the main body of the top and bottom components-min

Last, a 0.75 “Core Box” cutter turns a contour radius on the ends.

turning the hollow spiral section

Now lets jump to the fun part, turning the hollow spiral section. Just like the top and bottom components, the blank is turned round. Afterwards, the same 2 “Barley Twist” cutter that was used previously is also used to turn two cutter profiles on either end.

Tips: Interior Design Tips & Tricks

turn two cutter profiles on either end

The same cutter then produces a 3 start barley twist between the two profile cuts.

produces a 3 start barley twist between the two profile cuts

The final tool, a 0.5 “Straight” cutter, will machine the hollowing process by following the same tool paths as the barley twist.

hollowing process

This was programmed to take a 0.125 Of an inch per pass until it reached the center of the blank. To finish this component, 1.0 Diameter round tenons are turned on both ends of the hollow spiral.

turned on both ends of the hollow spiral

Altogether these parts took less than 40 minutes to produce. You can see how powerful cutter profiles can be, especially when combined with Legacy’s exclusive Conversational CAM turning software.

powerful cutter profiles

If you would like to participate in live training webinars that teach how projects like these are designed and programmed, you can sign up for Legacy’s 4-week guest pass.

That is all our review today. In future we will update with another woodworking tips and trick for you, our reader. If you still have a few time please check our previous articles like this one: Do Toilet Seat Covers Really Protect You? and this one Old Main Building Renovation Reveals Hidden Secrets.

Thank you so much, see you later.