Pay attention to the following things before making a house

To build a house step by step, we must be clear about how the house is made, which is to have a complete project, even though it looks ridiculous, most people don’t know how the house should be at the end of construction.

How is the house built step by step?

The answer to this question is quite broad, but it is fun and entertaining to find out and even practice it, after all it is an adventure to build our own home and we assure you that no matter what it takes a lot of effort, it will be in vain. In this post we will review in detail the constructive process of the house step by step because everything is understood in your mind until we put the roof through the foundation and lifting of the wall.

Build my house from scratch

Building a house from scratch is not a simple task, but, once you know all the information needed through building videos and tutorials, the process of building a house step by step becomes easier. It is clear that everything starts with the desires and needs that you have, although it is not always easy to direct them towards functional design and construction.

While we will not focus on the details associated with the design style as one step to building a home, if it is very important that you consider style choices as one of the first sayings you must give. Each style brings something different, for example, in a minimalist you will discover how simplicity and savings give you a sense of modernity and spaciousness that gives you the flexibility to change your home interior design whenever

you consider it necessary.

This is possible because in a minimalist space division is largely due to the use of furniture. Now, if you prefer a stronger touch to ornaments and

accessories, stronger colors and the use of geometric shapes on the facade and ceiling, then perhaps the modern style is more ideal for you.

Style selection will guide you in facade design, quantity and shape of windows and doors, internal dividing walls, and especially interior design.

Other choices can be contemporary where small decorations are also made and efforts are made to strengthen space, but where, unlike minimalism, there is not much savings and classic touches appear a lot.

How a house is made: plan elaboration

As we mentioned, it all starts with your idea of ​​an ideal home and now it’s time to distinguish it from your real possibilities in terms of the size of land available and your budget.

For this, plans play a fundamental role because they allow us to capture everything that is real-scale that will be included in construction, and provide a good way to determine the phases of building a house.

The first thing is to start with the sketch and the initial picture where we will define the boundary, orientation to the north, number of rooms and bathrooms, location of the kitchen, among other decisions regarding the use of available space. Merging steps is also important to have clarity in aspects such as restrictions and separation to routes that are governed by your municipality.

After this is done, we can use tools such as AutoCAD to translate these images accurately and avoid errors during construction, as well as to describe plumbing, electricity, structure and foundation plans including millimeter precision.

From here we get a 2D plan which we can then take to 3D using a program like Sketchup to configure what we call volumetry. In this way we can review different environmental positions from home regarding the position of the sun and know how we can influence or benefit natural lighting and shadows.

Other aspects with 3D images that help us to detail the texture, for example, from the facade and how to enter the house, as well as knowing how to turn on the dining room or bedroom.

As you can have identified step by step to building a house has many details and that is why the plan is a step more than necessary. With our different posts, videos and tutorials, you will be able to deepen this topic at the time, now it’s time to continue our steps for construction.