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Spectrasonics Trilian – a review of the virtual bass instrument

If you are looking for Spectrasonics Trilian download option, then you are at the good place, however I wont host any pirated software/plugin on my servers. If you would like to get Trilian vst for free, then please comment below and if more than 10 people ask for it then I will share a link for my favourite warez blog.

spectrasonics trilian download

In 2003, Trilogy was released by Spectrasonics and proved to be a respected bass instrument which offered an excellent selection of synth, electric, as well as acoustic bass. Then came Atmosphere which was also praised because of its lush selection of synth pads. The next release was Omnisphere which proved to be an amazing software powered by their very own engine, a synthesis backbone, dubbed the Steam engine. The powerful engine has gained praise for its simplicity and flexibility. Users love it and have raved about it in numerous positive reviews.

Trilian is another Steam powered instrument which will supersede Trilogy. The name ‘Steam engine’ must have impressed most music enthusiasts by now – the rich and powerful engine has definitely played its part well in this feature rich successor of Trilogy. The library is a whopping 34 GB in size and comprises a myriad of instruments: acoustic bass with four separate Mic/pickup channels, six electric basses, and numerous synth sources. The library is not just detailed but also features functionalities like automatic legato, round robin variations, and many other numerous articulations. This is the dream of any musician – the helpful features prove to create some of the most impressive melodies without having to put in tons of effort and wasting time on trivial stuff. The realistic bass is what makes Trilian such an amazing software.

The sound generation segment makes the most important part of any sound synthesizer and Trilian’s sounds are extremely realistic and clear. The acoustic and electric basses are extremely detailed and the many instruments help the user in creating unique and interesting melodies. The synth sounds are intelligently divided into three categories – mono, bass, and Arp + rhythm. There is a lot of variety and many carefully configured custom controls. From the sound’s point of view, this software has a lot to offer and a user would definitely appreciate and enjoy its richness. The synth and string based patches sound brilliant and are great for creating new, unique, and impressive tones easily. With Trilian, it is not about creating simple bass sounds but a more ambitious collection of 350 synth sound sources. One can choose to use the intricate, versatile, and deep collection or program and produce a result from scratch. This wide flexibility is what makes Trilian such a brilliant program.

Trilian’s Live and Stack modes enable the user to use the instruments in a much more layered manner. Up to eight patches can be used and with full control over key, everything is very flexible and Stack mode can quickly and easily map all the eight parts by velocity or key range – depending on what you choose. Live mode makes it very simple to use multiple articulations and bass lines like slides and mutes. The numerous library patches also make for an amazing work experience.

Spectrasonics Trilian download for free

Trilian is rich with features and enormously powerful. It will force you to spend hours so you can master its many features. Spectrasonics Trilian download links cant be posted here, but I can recommend some websites where you can download it for free. Omnisphere and other VST plugins are also available for free without messing with surveys.

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